Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) covered herein refers to the standard questions to guide investors in gaining familiarity with the application process for subscribing to the Rights Issue of partly / fully paid up equity shares (“Issue” or “Rights Issue”) in terms of the Letter of Offer filed by Issuer Company/ies with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and /or BSE Limited (BSE) and / or National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE).

These FAQs are not exhaustive, nor do they purport to contain a summary of all the disclosures in the Letter of Offer or the entire application process in the Issue or all details relevant to prospective investors (“Investors”).

Further, these FAQs are general in nature and should be read in conjunction with, and are qualified in their entirety by, more detailed information that may be included by the Issuer Company/ies in the respective Letter(s) of Offer. The investors are advised to read the entire Letter of Offer specifically the sections “Notice to Investors”, “Notice to Overseas Investors”, “Risk Factors” and “Terms of the Issue” of the Letter of Offer issued by the Issuer Company/ies.

Readers are advised to refer to the Letter of Offer which will be available on the website of the Issuer Company/ies, Lead Manager(s) and Registrar to the Issue. Unless otherwise defined herein, all capitalised terms shall have such meaning as ascribed to them in the Letter of Offer.

AIBI does not take any responsibility for the correctness or adequacy of FAQs. These are merely indicative. Investment Bankers and Issuer Companies are advised to make suitable changes in the FAQs in respect of their Rights Issues and also are advised that it is mandatory that the FAQs must be hosted on their websites and on the websites of their Lead Manager(s), Global Coordinator(s) and Registrar to the Issue.

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