Benefits of Membership

Advantages of Being a Member


AIBI represents the best minds in the country and has a wide cross section of investment banks as its members. AIBI is a thought leader and represents ideas, suggestions and recommendations of its members to regulatory authorities, including SEBI. It has the necessary resources, position and mandate to make a significant mark in the Indian capital markets.


AIBI undertakes a wide range of activities, some of which include:

  • Annual Summits for its members where regulators, industry experts, investors, issuers and investment come together to discuss the current trends and future opportunities for capital markets. The SEBI Chairman is the chief guest at the annual summits
  • Seminars series;
  • Panel discussions;
  • Research initiatives.


AIBI is represented, through its Chairperson, on SEBI's Primary Market Advisory Committee, a forum that provides an opportunity to present the industry's viewpoint and discuss various issues relevant to capital markets.


Membership of AIBI is voluntary. However, only those entities who hold valid Merchant Banking Licence issued by SEBI are eligible to become members of the AIBI.

Membership Fees

Entrance Fees

For Life Members, one-time, life-time, non-refundable, non-interest bearing Entrance Fee is Rs. 2,70,000 only.

Annual Membership Fee

For Life Members - The Annual Membership Fee is Rs. 55,000 only (April to March). Mid-year entrants are required to pay the Annual Fee on a pro-rata basis, for the remaining period of the present financial year.

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